Awards, Scholarships & Community Support


Each year Centennial College Alumni Association (CCAA) offers 11 scholarships to Centennial Students. Scholarship recipients are recognized for their academic achievement, contributions to their programs and the college community. CCAA currently offers the following scholarships:

Centennial College Alumni Association Full Tuition Scholarship

  • Awarded to a first year student enrolled in a full-time post-secondary programs who exemplifies the qualities of athletic prowess, community and/or charity work, academic proficiency and leadership

Centennial College Alumni Association Schools Entrance Scholarship

  • Awarded to first-year students enrolled in any ministry-approved full-time, post-secondary program at Centennial College who have demonstrated community involvement

Centennial College Alumni Association Entrance Award for Single Parents

  • Awarded to a first-year, single-parent student who is enrolled full-time in a ministry-approved program of study

Jackie McVeigh Athletic Entrance Award

  • Awarded to a first-year student who graduated from an Ontario high school, enrolled in a full-time, post-secondary program, is a member of Centennial College Varsity, and has demonstrated that their involvement in sports has contributed to personal growth

If you have a family member who will be attending Centennial College, be sure to have them apply for the CCAA Tuition scholarship or one of the many other scholarships offered at Centennial College. To apply for any Centennial College scholarship or bursary, please log into myCentennial and click on the Student Services tab for instructions.

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