Alumni Supplier Directory

Directory of Alumni Suppliers

Graduates of Centennial College may register their business product or service in the on-line Directory of Alumni Suppliers.

Register as a Supplier

Build your business network and register your product or service online in the Directory of Alumni Suppliers. Listings will be posted for one-year at no charge to Centennial graduates and may be renewed annually. Register here

Need a supplier?

Search no further than the Directory of Alumni Suppliers to find a product or service provider to meet your business and personal needs. Whether you need an accountant, mechanic, multi-media designer, computer programmer, law clerk, or are looking for a new car, check out what your fellow alumni can offer before shopping elsewhere.

Centennial College is providing this Directory as a service to alumni and not as an endorsement. The College and its officers do not control and may not be held responsible for the actions of any companies or individuals listed in the Directory of Alumni Suppliers.

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