As a child, Kyle Barnes loved learning about nature and being outdoors. Earlier than most, he knew that a career committed to protecting the environment would be in his future. 

That’s why, when it came time to choose a post-secondary program, Barnes didn’t hesitate: he knew Centennial’s Environmental Technologist program would help him realize his dream.  

“It turned out to be one of the best experiences I’ve ever had,” he says. “The program was very hands-on. We were constantly outdoors, collecting samples and doing field work.”

After graduating in 2016, Barnes secured a role as a client service representative with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment – a position that allows him to put the knowledge he gained at Centennial into practice every day. 

“One moment I’ll be speaking with a farmer seeking a permit for pesticide use, and the next I’ll be speaking with a lawyer looking for advice on environmental regulations,” he says. “The courses I took at Centennial directly equipped me to succeed in this role.” 

As he looks ahead to what’s next, Barnes has his sights set on becoming an environmental officer – the “boots on the ground” workers who are out in the field enforcing environmental regulations and bylaws. 

Every step of the way, he credits Centennial with turning his dreams into reality. “Centennial has allowed me to do what I’ve always loved,” he says. “Being able to match my childhood passion with my career has been amazing.” 

Advice for new alumni  

“When you’re looking for a job in your field, have the tenacity and the courage to really put yourself out there. Just go for it.”