We get it. Finding a job is hard. Sign-up for our Get a Job Masterclass and over the course of eight weeks we’ll share some of the best job-getting tips from Centennial Grads that will help you get the job you want.

The only way to enrol in the CCAA Get a Job Masterclass is by email. Sign-up for your eight weeks of great job-getting tips and be added to our list of exclusive networking events and workshops.

What This Course Offers:

Keep Your Eye On The Prize

Have you ever felt like quitting? We all have. Find out why keeping focused on the goal pays dividends.
Week 1

What should my resume include?

One page or two? Chronological or functional? This week, you’ll find out the best way to present yourself on paper.
Week 2

Stay connected to your classmates

This week you’ll hear from a successful Centennial grad who shares their secret on your first network.
Week 3


Using LinkedIn

Are you using LinkedIn properly? How can you maximize it to help you land a job? Find out in this week’s class.
Week 4


Give Your Skills and Abilities Away

Work for free? In this week’s video from a successful Centennial grad you’ll learn about the power of volunteering.
Week 5

Years Of Experience For Entry-Level Jobs

You’re a new grad or looking to break into a new industry – how do you even compete when postings list many year’s experience as a requirement?
Week 6

Are You Right For The Job?

In this week’s video, you’re asked if the job you’re applying for is actually right for you. But how will you know? Find out this week.
Week 7

It's Time For The Interview

You’ve submitted a polished resume, you’ve done your preparation. Now it’s time for the interview – learn how to nail it in this week’s class.
Week 8

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