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CCAA supports college initiatives for student success
3 years ago|0 comments|by Carla Reid
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Mohit Masand finds warm welcome and world-class education at Centennial
3 years ago|0 comments|by Carla Reid
When Mohit Masand arrived in Canada to attend Centennial College as an international student, he found more than a world-class education in his chosen field....
Scott Babin finds success after enrolling in Police Foundations program
3 years ago|0 comments|by Carla Reid
When he enrolled in Centennial’s brand-new Police Foundations program in 2002, Scott Babin was taking a leap of faith.  “Being part of the very first...
Ishma Alexander Huet realizes her professional and personal dreams after graduating Centennial
3 years ago|0 comments|by Carla Reid
Ishma Alexander Huet always knew she’d end up in advertising. As a child, she was fascinated by TV commercials and deeply curious about how and...
Centennial helped Jason Gautreau accomplish his professional goal
3 years ago|0 comments|by Carla Reid
As a 1993 graduate of Centennial’s Hospitality and Tourism Administration program, Jason Gautreau has lived and travelled all over the world – including the Cayman...
Kyle Barnes thrilled with Environmental Technologist “hands-on” program
3 years ago|0 comments|by Carla Reid
As a child, Kyle Barnes loved learning about nature and being outdoors. Earlier than most, he knew that a career committed to protecting the environment...

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